Get Ready For Some Awesome Carnage And Explosions In New iOS Game, Stunt Guy 2.0

Posted on Apr 17 2014 - 4:11pm by Sean Cravener

Stunt Guy 2

Are you ready for a game that will make you fill like it was a movie directed by Michael Bay!? Stunt Guy 2.0 is an awesome new game I stumbled upon in the Touch Arcade forums yesterday and I have yet to put the game down.

Stunt Guy 2.0 includes some rather simple controls where you use arrows on the bottom right and left side of the screen to control your vehicle as you travel along down a 3 lane road. While you’re driving you’re encouraged to crash other vechiles and basicaly just cause mayhem while performing stunts. Their are countless features that make this game continuously fun that you will just have to try out for yourselves. Also one awesome feature is the ability to use a special carnage ability where you will be able to just cause absolute mayhem destroying any vehicle in your path with very big explosions.

Stunt Guy 2.0 is definitely a game worth checking out and can be picked up in the App Store for free so expect some IAPs to be involved in the gameplay. Keep checking back here at Mobile Game Place for a full review of Stunt Guy 2.0!

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