Get Wormy With Worms 3, Finally Available In The Play Store

Posted on May 29 2014 - 3:41pm by Sean Cravener

Worms 3 Play Store

The turn-based worm filled classic, Worms 3, has finally gotten released onto the Play Store for Android gamers.

Originally released for iOS devices sometime ago, this addition to the popular Worms series got mildly decent reviews boasting that it was a great addition to the series. This installment of Worms will bring with it a new card system not seen in previous Worm games. From a deck of 41 cards, you get to use them at the start and end of each turn adding a lot more strategy to each turn. These cards can be obtained through in-game rewards and will also range from bronze, silver, and gold with each card bringing different bonuses like a buff.

Worms 3 will also include a class system containing 4 different classes – Heavy, Scientist, Scout,and Soldier. To keep you engaged longer Worms 3 will bring along with it 27 single-player missions, multiplayer mode (Fort and Deathmatch modes), and of course achievements.

Worms 3 can be found in the Play Store and App Store now for only $4.99

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