God of Light: Cheats & Tips

Posted on Mar 15 2015 - 1:27pm by MobileGamePlace

God of Light is an amazing physics-based puzzle game for iOS and Android platforms. The base game is free to download and play, but additional levels past the first chapter have to be purchased via IAPs. The goal of this game is to guide Shiny and her beam of light to the exit of each level, and often you have the additional goal of collecting three prisms along the way. This short guide will assist you in solving the puzzles of this wonderful game.

1. Fireflies

Fireflies are little creatures which can be used for assistance in solving levels. However, it is easy to run empty of these, as they come in a quite limited quantity; basically they are the premium currency in this game. They can be earned in a variety of ways other than paying real money.

One method is watching ad videos and by replaying certain levels. Look at the map and replay the ones which have firefly icons above them. Your goal in addition to completing it again is to find the firefly hidden on the level.


2. Don’t get fixated on one possible solution!

More often than not, there are multiple solutions to levels in this game. Try to be open for possibilities other than what the fireflies tell you; they are only programmed to lead you to one single solution, even if there are more.

3. Patience is key

Because this game doesn’t have a time limit, you should take it slow, and use Shiny to carefully explore and examine the level, finding every mirror, prism and similar object to be used.

Also, pay attention to angles, and don’t be afraid to adjust the objects or Shiny to try out new angles and spots to focus the light on. Sometimes going back and readjusting your first few prisms may be the solution for winning the level.

Also keep in mind that not every object has to be used only once; several mirrors and prisms may need to be able to reflect two or more light beams. Also, some mirrors are just there to help you find others, and will not be part of the final path of the light beam.

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