God of Light Review

Posted on Apr 12 2014 - 3:02pm by Andrew Perrott

God of Light is a puzzle game available for the Android. This game takes place on a mystical planet that closely resembles Pandora from Avatar at night. The goal of the game is simple enough, which is to aim a beam of light onto some crazy light fueled lotus looking device. While it is simple enough the player has to accomplish this goal by using an intricate series of mirrors and gates to get there.

The main character of this game is named “Shiny,” and he/she is just that. The player plays as a giant ball of light that happens to have two eyes and shoots lasers out of its body. The story of the game is that for whatever reason all of the light of the land, which was emitted from the previously mentioned lotuses has gone out and it is Shiny’s duty to bring the light back. As the game goes on it introduces new mirrors and devices into the story, for instance gates that block sliding mirrors or just the general path of light. Every level also has multiple ways of solving it, but not every way will hit the three guide points on the level. Like Angry Birds the levels have a three star system of victory and some solutions are “more correct” than others.

What is probably the most interesting aspect of this game are the lightening bugs. Lightening bugs offer hints in the game that can help a player achieve the much desired three star rating. Having enough lightening bugs in the inventory also unlocks other levels and helps the player move onto additional stages. While these aspects of the lightening bugs are not interesting what is awesome is how they are unlocked. Players can find them hidden in the levels and can receive them by shooting them with the laser. Another way a player can get lightening bugs is by watching sponsored videos. Yes, this game is free and has ads but the ads can be skipped. If a player does partake of some advertisements they are rewarded.

This game is an interesting puzzle game. It is very whimsical with its interactive 3D menu and the maps are challenging but to the point where you want to brutally curb stomp your phone. The lightening bugs are extremely helpful and easy to get. God of Light gets a 4 out of 5.

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