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Hay Day Game
Cheats, Tips, and Guides for the Hay Day game.Feel free to leave any comments or questions regarding these Hay Day Cheats & Tips and don’t forget to check out our Hay Day Achievements page for a full list of achievements. Hay Day is available for free in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store



Easy Hay Day Diamonds

  • You need to try and keep an eye out for the purple tickets that appear near your newspaper, which lets you watch a clip and after watching the clip you will be rewarded with free diamonds.
  • Try completing some achievements if you’re really desperate since they will reward you with diamonds.
  • You should try to open up your mine and TNT since for every couple of blasts you will get diamonds and after acquiring a certain number of diamonds you should use Tom to find nothing but TNT so you can stock up on it.

Easy money

  • You should through other people’s newspapers for construction equipment like saws and dynamite and buy them in bulk. Then sell them individually for around 200 coins apiece. On the very last item you list you will place an advertisement on it so people can see every one of your items when they come to the store.

Hay Day Cheats Tips

Hay Day Sales Venue Cheats & Tips – I have gathered some tips from the Hay Day Wiki page along with other sources on the internet regarding all sales venues in Hay Day

  • Truck – Trucks are used to send out truck orders, which provide coins andexperience. You should discard orders that are hard to fill and that will take a long time to fill so you don’t waste your time.
  • Boat – Boats are available boat dock which is unlocked at level 17. Try to get new boats early in the day. After sending a shipment off you should check the dock to see what is going to be required for your next shipment so you can prepare ahead of time. Try changing your farm’s name to something like your boat needs help, just remember to change it back afterwards.
  • Roadside Shop – The roadside shop is available at the beginning of the game for all players. Try searching the newspaper for cheap goods and sell them at your roadside shop for their maximum price.
  • Daily Dirty – The Daily Dirt is a newspaper that players can use to advertise to other players. Try placing items that are more likely to sell in your newspaper so you get more activity in your shop. You can also use the Newspaper to find farms that you wish to follow
  • Wheel of Fortune – The Wheel of Fortune is available once per day at your farm and offers prizes.

Hay Day Crops Cheats & Tips – List of cheats & tips regarding all of the crops in the Hay Day game.

  • Wheat – Wheat is one of the first crops available in Hay Day and is typically used to farm experience points.
  • Corn – Each plot of corn will yield two corn plants and takes 5 minutes to fully mature. Corn is used to produce Corn Brea, cow Feed, Chicken Feed, Goat Feed, Popcorn, Buttered Popcorn, Chili Popcorn, and Chocolate Popcorn.
  • Carrots – One plot will yield 2 Carrots and will take 10 minutes to mature. Carrots are used to produce Pig Feed, Goat Feed, Carrot Pie, Shepherd’s Pie, Carrot Cake, and Carrot Juice.
  • Soybean – One plot will yield 2 plants and will take 20 minutes to mature. Soybeans are used to produce Cow Feed, Pig Feed, Sheep Feed, and Soy Sauce.
  • Sugarcanes – One plot will yield 2 plants and will take 30 minutes to mature. Sugarcanes are used to produce Brown Sugar, White Sugar, and Syrup.
  • Indigo – One plot will yield 2 plants and will take 2 hours to mature. Indigo is used as dye in the loom to make Blue Sweaters and Blue Wooly Hat.
  • Pumpkins – One plot will yield 2 plants and will take3 hours to fully mature. Pumpkins are used to produce Pumpkin Pies and Shepherds Pies.
  • Chili Peppers – One plot will yield 2 plants and will take 4 hours to fully mature. Chili Peppers are used to produce Spicy Pizza, Chili Popcorn, Baked Potato, Fish Burger, Lobster Soup, and Tomato Soup.
  • Tomatoes – One plot will yield 2 plants and will take 6 hours to fully mature. Tomatoes are used to produce Roasted Tomatoes, Tomato Juice, Pizza, and Spicy Pizza.
  • Strawberry – One plot will yield 2plants and will take 8 hours to fully mature. Strawberries are used to produce Strawberry Cake, Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberry Jam, Red Scarf, and Lollipops.
  • Apple – Apples are used to produce Apple Pie, Apple Juice, Apple Jam, and Caramel Apple.
  • Raspberry – Raspberries grow on raspberry bushes which can be harvested four times. Raspberries are used to produce Raspberry Muffins, Berry Juice, Raspberry Jam, and Raspberry Mocha.
  • Cherry – Cherries are grown from cherry trees which can be harvested four times. Cherries are used to produce Red Berry Cake, Cherry Juice, Cherry Jam, and Lollipop.
  • Blackberry – Blackberries are grown from Blackberry Bushes which can be harvested four times. Blackberries are used to produce Blackberry Muffins, Berry Juice, and Blackberry Jam.
  • Cacao – Cacao are grown from trees which can be harvested four times. Cacao is used to produce Chocolate Popcorn, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Ice Cream, Raspberry Mocha, Caffe Mocha, Hot Chocolate, and Chocolate.
  • Coffee Beans – Coffee Beans are grown from Coffee Bushes which can be harvested four times. Coffee Beans are used to produce Espresso, Caffe Latte, Caffe Mocha, and Raspberry Mocha.
  • Potato – One plot will yield 2 plants and will take 3 hours and 40 minutes to fully mature. Potatoes are used to produce Potato Bread, Baked Potato, Fish and Chips, Casserole, Bacon Pie, Potato Feta Cake, and Fish Soup.
  • Rice – One plot will yield 2 plants and will take 45 minutes to fully mature. Rice is used to produce Sushi Roll, Lobster Sushi, and Egg Sushi.
  • Lettuce – One plot will yield 2 plants and will take 3 hours and 30 minutes to fully mature. Lettuce is used to produce Feta Salad, BLT Salad, Seafood Salad, Veggie Bagel, BLT Toast, Egg Sandwich.
  • Olive – Olives are grown from an Olive Tree which can be harvested four times. Olives are used to produce Olive Oil and Feta Salad.

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