Heavenstrike Rivals Cheats and Tips

Posted on Mar 10 2015 - 1:11pm by MobileGamePlace

Heavenstrike Rivals is the newest mobile strategy RPG from Square-Enix. Players form squads out of 230+ collectible soldiers and monsters, and duke it out in singleplayer or multiplayer modes, the latter being asynchronous. As usual in this genre of free to play strategy RPGs, there are lots of currencies, a convoluted inventory and character management system is present, and stamina system to prevent players from playing too long sessions; thankfully, singleplayer and multiplayer stamina are separate here. Some tips and tricks follow for Heavenstrike.

1. Use Defender units first

Among all the different unit types available, the Defender, denoted by a small blue shield icon, is the most important unit in the frontline. One of the most basic tactics is to put down Defender units first on a lane, then your weaker other classes behind them.

2. Vanguard position

Set your favorite or most useful unit into Vanguard position, as this means guaranteed presence of it in your first hand, which is dealt to you at a battle’s beginning. Depending on your playstyle and your most important unit, pick one.

3. Captain skills

Your Squad Captain can assist in the battle with his or her skill, which can be changed in the Squad menu. There are many different skills suitable for various situations, such as healing, shielding units and more. Once you used a Captain Skill, it goes into a cooldown period for a certain amount of turns until it becomes usable again.

4. Sacrifice your unused units for faster leveling

You can fuse your unused or spare units with others for faster leveling of them. As you keep collecting units, you’ll get unneeded duplicated and eventually run out of inventory space; this will be the perfect time to fuse your unneeded units with your most often used ones, or on those which are lagging behind in levels.

5. Participate in events, log in daily!

If you’ve played games similar to this one before, then daily login rewards maybe familiar to you; they are present here, too. Along with the various events, which often are only available for limited time periods. These events can help you rake in big Gold and EXP amounts, thus look for them by scrolling around on the world map.

6. Battle tips

Bashers are great for attacking: the longer they are alive in a given battle, the stronger their attacks become. Put them up versus weaker enemies to help them become much stronger.

Magic user units can attack enemies horizontally or vertically related to their own lanes.


Warrior units can change lanes, so sometimes it isn’t needed to summon new units; shifting a Warrior up or downwards can be enough.

7. Enhancement tiles

A bit later in the game, Enhancement tiles will appear, which make units passing over them stronger in some respect, such as increased damage, health or similar. Claim these as soon as possible, and prevent enemies from doing so.

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