History Channel’s The Great Martian War Game Gives Us A Glimpse Into Our “Past”

Posted on Feb 5 2014 - 8:20pm by Sean Cravener

the great martian war game

Keeping up with there amazing trend to keep us informed of our history, the History Channel has released a new game to help us better understand our past so we don’t repeat it and what better way than to release it as an app! Even though we were never visited by martians before, The History Channel seems pretty keen on pounding the idea of it happening into our heads.

The Great Martian War is this so called game that takes place in 1913, where you play as protagonist Gus Lafonde, a fearless scout and soldier who must…survive (woahhh). This endless runner will require you to navigate battlefields whilst evading land mines, artillery strikes, tanks, and of course gigantic Martian tripod war machines like the ones in War of the Worlds. Just like other endless runners you’ll be required to collect power-ups to help you survive this great Martian War.

All silliness aside though, The Great Martian War seems like it is actually going to be a nice change of pace from most typical endless runners out on the app stores. Checking out the trailer below along with some gameplay alone shows it has some pretty decent graphics and some pretty surreal environments that I thought looked quite “fancy” for an endless runner. Overall this game seems like it is at least worth trying out and if you want to pick up your copy of The Great Martian War you can head over to the iTunes App Store and get it for freeee!

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