Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape: Cheats And Tips

Posted on Mar 11 2015 - 1:17pm by MobileGamePlace

Hoppy Frog 2: City Escape is a free to play 2D side-scrolling endless runner type game. Players control a frog who is trying to escape from the police by hopping across the various obstacles present in the city. The gameplay is very similar to Flappy Bird and its clones, such as the more recent Crossy Road. Here are some tricks and tips for this game.

There are two kinds of currencies in Hoppy Frog 2: Flies and Gems, with the latter being the premium currency. These can be earned in a variety of ways.

Flies and Gems are earned for free by watching ad videos, which usually pop up per 2-3 rounds of games. So one strategy for earning these is to start playing and die multiple times very quickly, to get these videos to pop more often.


Another method is the free gift given every few hours, which can be sped up by changing your device’s date and time settings forward, dying in the game to claim your gift, then re-setting date and time to real ones.

The last method to earn gems is to spell out “HOPPY” from the letters scattered on the level as you progress. This can be done multiple times per round, and can be a great way to accrue some Gems, provided you last long enough. This also means that you should choose if you want a high score or to spell out HOPPY; focus on one out of the two, as both goals can be very hard to accomplish at the same time.

Most frogs you can earn with Flies are just different looks, but the ones purchased with Gems are more powerful. For example, one of them has a much more powerful parachute which can be executed mid-jump to glide very far.

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