Increasingly Frustrating and Popular Flappy Bird Game Gets Released For Android Devices

Posted on Jan 31 2014 - 5:23pm by Sean Cravener

Flappy Bird Android

I never even heard of this game, even with all its popularity in the iTunes App Store, but after reading about it’s release on Android devices I have been hearing about it on my social networks non-stop. So I decided for the sake of this website I would pick the game up and try it out. After spending an hour playing this game I have never felt more frustrated in my life. Although the whole hour I was shouting and cursing the game still provides loads of fun.

Flappy Bird resembles that ever so popular arcade game that I used to play back in high school during my computer classes where you had keep clicking the screen and a helicopter would rise up with every click. The whole goal of the game is to pass through obstacles without touching anything.

With Flappy Bird the premise is basically the same but you control a bird who will flap and fly upwards ever so slightly. As you move through the level you will come across obstacles such as pipes that you have to squeeze through. Even with its extremely frustrating gameplay I guarantee you will have loads of fun with this game, trying to compete with your friends trying to see who can get the farthest (my personal best was 2…).

Flappy Bird is available to download for free in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store and try not to rub it in my face when you beat my measly score I am already quite ashamed of myself.

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