iOS Gamers Blessed With Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Available In The App Store Now

Posted on Jul 3 2014 - 5:29am by Sean Cravener

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Capcom has finally released their new action game on the App Store that we have all been patiently waiting for, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

For those unfamiliar with Monster Hunter Freedom Unite it is part of the very popular Monster Hunter series that was originally released some time ago for the Sony PSP and ending up being one of the more favorite games of the series.

In Monster Hunter Freedom unite you will be taking off on a multitude of quests which range from gathering items to slaying powerful monsters. A lot of the game focuses on your skills and can be quite challenging at times, but oh so rewarding. You will be able to upgrade and enhance your weapons and armor to help you slay your foes.

This version of the game has also been optimized for mobile devices with rather simple controls that allow you to “perform complicated actions at the touch of a button”. You will also be given the ability to join up to 4 players over Wi-Fi, whether you want to help out a friend or if you’re just seeking assistance on a very hard quest. Lastly the game also includes the feature to use you’r MFi Game Controller to get a better gaming experience.

This is definitely a game that is well worth the money whether your a fan of the Monster Hunter Series or someone who is just curious. If you do want to try it out you can pick it up in the App Store now for only $14.99.

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