Kairosoft Blesses Us With New Sim Game For Android Devices, Magazine Mogul

Posted on May 9 2014 - 2:18pm by Sean Cravener

Magazine Mogul Download

I have long been a fan of the developers known for their very popular sim games, Kairosoft, and I’m excited to announce they have blessed us few Android gamers with a new sim game, Magazine Mogul, where you will be tasked with running your very own community magazine.

Even though most Kairosoft games share similarities each game usually has that little extra something that makes it unique and I already have that feeling after some first impressions of Magazine Mogul.

Magazine Mogul seems to share a lot in common with Kairosoft’s previous game, Game Dev Story, where you had to mix and match genres then, depending on the combination of the genre and the skills of you’r employees, the game you made was either a success or failure. Well Magazine Mogul will have you brainstorming various angles and stories and depending on you’r employee’s skills that story will either be a success or failure.

Magazine Mogul also has some other features that I have yet to fully explore such as helping out the Mayor with urban planning. If your a fan of sim games or of Kairosoft you can pick up Magazine Mogul for $4.99, also it might be best to wait since Kairosoft usually loves putting their games on sell.

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