Kemco Releases Alphadia Genesis On iOS And Completely New Game On Android

Posted on Mar 3 2014 - 3:58pm by Sean Cravener

Alphadia Genesis Battle System

To begin with, the publishers known for releasing JRPGs, Kemco, have decided to unleash there new game Alphadia Genesis onto iOS devices. Originally released for Android not too long ago Alphadia Genesis was one of Kemco’s first games to include a 3D-Battle System. After playing through some of the game its very safe to say that the battle system is definitely the best feature of the game although you may find the game lacking in just about everything else (especially story-wise).

Even though the game isn’t quite the greatest JRPG on the mobile market, it is basically one of the only JRPGs on the mobile market that features a very nice battle system. So the game may be worth picking up if your desperate, but I would advise picking it up soon since the game is currently on sale (on iOS devices) for the launch. You can pick up your copy for $4.99 in the App Store and for $9.99 in the Google Play Store.

Next on the list regarding new Kemco games is their latest JRPG release for Android devices, Rusted Emeth. Rusted Emeth puts you in the shoes of a bounty hunter who makes his living hunting down bounty targets, while also trying to figure out about mysterious “Edea Banishes” (Edea is some form of energy or something..). His journey causes him to be thrown into a crazy story which you will have to play to find out.

I am rather disappointed this game does not seem to have the 3D-Battle System that was in Alphadia Genesis, but it does look like it has some potential to be better than most of there games which usually feel like generic JRPGs.

If your interested in Rusted Emeth you can download your copy now from the Google Play Store for $3.99 which is the sale price for the official launch and will eventually go up to its original price of $7.99.

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