Kemco Releases Latest Monthly RPG, Soul of Deva, On Google Play Story

Posted on May 1 2014 - 3:45pm by Sean Cravener

Soul of Deva Kemco

The first of the month brings us yet another RPG from Kemco with the release of Soul of Deva. To begin with I always tend to be a little upset with Kemco because of all of the potential they have to make an amazing RPG, but they usually fall short with  rather generic story-lines and lacking gameplay, but this month’s RPG, Soul of Deva, has actually shown some promise.

The setting for this latest Kemco release places you in a world that is devastated daily with demon attacks and the only hope they have is with an organization called Raglis that is working to help out. The protagonist of the story, Sania, has the ability to destroy the demons and eventually encounters a half-demon called Shin, who helps Sania, along with other heroes, travel west in order to reach Raglis. Like always don’t expect much story-wise, but it is enough to keep your appetite sustained for a little while.

The battles sadly still don’t incorporate the 3D battle system we saw in Alphadia Genesis, but the tactical battle-system implemented in Soul of Deva actually isn’t half bad. During battles you are able to move your characters around their battle territory for various strategic purposes. You are also give the ability to use items known as Battle Arts that can be placed in either your territory or your enemy’s territory and will provide various effects such as healing or even causing damage to your opponents.

Kemco has also added in a weapon called Soul Arm that is given to every character in the game. These Soul Arms will also grow and develop using soul points gained in battle.
Kemco has given Soul of Deva a special release discount of $3.99 so if you’re in need of an RPG fix than you can head over to the Google Play Store now and download your copy!

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