Kemco Releases Latest Pokemon-esque JRPG, Band Of Monsters, On Google Play

Posted on Apr 15 2014 - 4:55pm by Sean Cravener

Band of Monsters Kemco

Keeping up with their monthly JRPG releases, Kemco has unleashed their latest game onto the Google Play Store. This month’s game is titled, Band of Monsters and will definitely have you feeling a little nostalgic for those little Pokemon critters you may of spent your childhood trying to collect.

Kemco’s latest few JRPG releases have been rather disappointing with some rather plain story lines, but Band of Monsters actually looks really promising. The story puts you in the shoes of Zara, a monster tamer, who eventually stumbles upon a little girl which begins the typical JRPG story.

Even though there is a typical story line I was more excited about the feature to tame over 170 different monsters which is were the Gotta Catch Em All feeling comes in. Not only can you tame these monsters but you can even combine different monsters to form entirely new monsters. Another feature I’m excited for is the ability to fight in battles online against friends and such which will definitely help improve the game from an expected lacking story line.

Band of Monsters can be purchased now in the Google Play Store for $3.99.

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