Kemco Releases New Futuristic JRPG, Fanatic Earth, On The Play Store

Posted on Jun 4 2014 - 3:38pm by Sean Cravener

Fanatic Earth JRPG Android

The beginning of the month means yet another JRPG game from Kemco and this month they have decided to release a futuristic JRPG rather then the usual fantasy themed JRPG. Fanatic Earth will have you running around in a sci-fi world in order to expose and bring down a corporate giant.

In Fanatic Earth you will be placed in a world where an alien bacteria has wiped out almost all of mankind. Thankfully our protagonists are located in Xilleon City which has a particle shield that protected the remaining inhabitants. You will be helping out a a detective, an android, and a young girl as they try to take on Cyphatek, the evil corporation, and expose their apparent corruption.

Fanatic Earth will include a new feature in the battle system that lets you dish out chain attacks that will “raise damage in proportion to the hit-count”. You will also see some equipment customization come into play in Fanatic Earth.

Usually I talk badly about all the generic JRPG Kemco releases every month, but with Fanatic Earth’s Sci-Fi theme it will be a nice change of pace than their typical fantasy themed JRPGs. If you feel like checking it out you can pick it up for a special discounted price of $3.99.

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