Kemco Releases New JRPG, Shelterra The Skyworld, For Android Devices

Posted on Apr 1 2014 - 6:26pm by Sean Cravener

Shelterra the Skyworld Android

The well known RPG developer, Kemco, has released their new game, Shelterra The Skyworld, onto the Google Play Store and just from taking a glance at screenshots and the video given below it looks as though it is yet another one of their generic RPG releases.

In Shelterra the Skyworld you play as young Claude who lives on the floating continent of Shelterra. After finding out that Shelterra is in danger of falling to the ground he must set out to save the floating generic continent.

The game will feature the ability to learn skills by attacking enemies, gather information about skill learning from informants, and lastly you are able to fight alongside spirits which can be summoned with Artifacts during battles.

I am extremely disappointed to see Kemco still hasn’t integrated their 3D battle system into this game, but if your looking for a generic JRPG I advise you to pick it up now while its on sale for $3.99 in the Google Play Store before it goes back up to its original price of $8.99 which I feel is rather steep for a rather plain JRPG.

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