Maleficent Free Fall Cheats And Tips

Posted on Feb 7 2015 - 5:46pm by MobileGamePlace

Maleficent: Free Fall is a new match-3 genre game from Disney, with the titular Maleficent from the movie as its protagonist. It is almost the same game as Frozen: Free Fall, and as many other Bejeweled clones; there is nothing really remarkable or innovative about this game.  You have to swipe and make matches of at least three gems either in a row or a column. Like many other games, you have to complete levels in a set amount of moves, and there may be additional objectives such as lighting up the entire board or breaking certain gems free from their chains.

Light up the entire board when needed!

On levels where you are required to light up the board by matching gems in columns and row in a way that at the end, the entire board is lit up. In these cases start with one side and you should work your way toward the inner parts.


Wing magic is an important power-up

Maleficent’s Wing power-up is a good one to use if you are in a tough situation. It basically reshuffles the entire board including the chained gems, potentially giving you more room to make your moves if you get lucky.

Grind for power-ups and Magic points

In order to prepare for tougher levels and refill your Magic you should repeat easier levels several times, because each successful level completion grants you some bonus to your Magic pool, especially if you manage to get more stars. You should only use your boosts during levels if you are certain that they will help you out of your current situation to not let them go to waste.

Explosions and free-fall gems

If you score a 4-gem combo, you earn a Free Fall gem, which can be used to clear an entire column or row of gems. Watch the light’s position on the gem, as this will show the direction it will clear when exploded. Left-right side light means that it will clear a row; up-down lights mean a vertical, column clear. Be careful not to mix up these gems with the moves suggested by the game, which are shown with a shining, bright light! Freefall gems’ lights are green.

By matching 5 or more gems you can earn a cracked gem of a random color, which can be activated to make a big explosion. Match the cracked gems with two others of the same color to activate them.

The good old-fashioned time lapse trick

As in many other  similar games, the old trick of setting your device’s date ahead a day or two will instantly refill your lives, allowing you to try again a few more times.

Read the objective

And for the last tip: read the objective, and act accordingly. If the goal is to light up the board, then focus on that instead of breaking all chained gems free. To pass to the next level, these objectives are needed, nothing else. But for a good score and more stars you can try doing higher combos and breaking more gems if it doesn’t hinder your progress of the objective.

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