Marvel Puzzle Quest Cheats And Tips

Posted on Mar 12 2015 - 1:19pm by MobileGamePlace

Marvel Puzzle Quest is a hybrid game featuring many of the Marvel universe’s superheroes and supervillains. This is a Match-3 game similar to Puzzles & Dragons or Doctor Who: Legacy, where your characters use their attacks and skills according to the matches you make on the board below. The game features a light story-based campaign and asynchronous multiplayer, which means that you fight against CPU-controlled teams of other players.

Every match you make charges your characters’ special moves, which can be used when they are full, and matches also function as attacks, with damage numbers being dependent on your heroes’ affinity with the colors. The following tips will help you with this game.

1. Be aware of dynamic difficulty!

A very important thing to know about Marvel Puzzle Quest is that the game gets dynamically harder if you win a lot. Thus you should manage this difficulty by using these tips:

In PvE events, grind for the most points you can instead of the most wins possible, as points are much more important than racking up wins, making future events much harder. If you don’t make a habit of trying to win everything, then if a PvE event comes around of which you want its reward, you’ll have an easy time of attaining it if you haven’t “won” many events before.


Also, in these events start with the hardest fights, win them, then you’ll have an easier time dealing with the upscaled easier events than if you did vice-versa and would have to deal with the hardest ones.

In PvP events try to follow a similar strategy: keep yourself at the bottom of the scoreboard for most events, and focus on winning the ones which matter to you the most.

2. Attack their damage dealers

The damage dealers are usually called “glass cannons” by the community, and these can be spotted by either having an unusually low HP for their level, or by having at least one very powerful quickly charging skill.

When attacking such enemy heroes, try to play defensively by matching defense tiles in the meantime until they go down, then you can dish out all you have on the remaining heroes of the enemy.

3. Make use of physics and AP charges

When you first start out, most of your damage will rely simply on matches, but as you progress and train your various heroes, this shifts toward your charged abilities. It will become very important to have a balanced team, to make use of most colors in the palette of 6. Each hero has 2 or 3 active skills, relying on different colors to be charged, thus it is important to have a balanced team.

When a new level loads, look at the board before making your first move, think which skills will be charged first, and plan your attacks accordingly. There are many hero combinations where the game is basically over once you managed to charge up their abilities, thus charging them becomes much more important than dishing out damage with basic attacks. If you prefer to smoke while you play, you can find all kinds of smoking accessories including bongs at online headshops like Everything for 420.

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