Megapolis Cheats & Tips

Posted on Nov 17 2013 - 8:54pm by Sean Cravener

megapolis cheats tips

 Cheats, Tips, and Video Guides for the popular mobile game, Megapolis. Megapolis can be downloaded for free in the App Store and Google Play Store now! Feel free to comment if you need any help!

Megapolis Game Cheats & Tips

5 Free Megapolis Megabucks – To get 5 free Megabucks just connect your Megapolis game on your mobile device to your Megapolis game on your Facebook account. Once you connect these you will receive 5 free Megabucks.

Restarting City – The only way to restart your city in Megapolis is to delete the game and re-download it.

Megapolis Game

More Coins Tips – Don’t forget to change your tax values in the tax office. Just make it a 15% tax even though you will get a penalty for this, the extra coins are worth it.


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