Megapolis Review

Posted on Mar 11 2014 - 6:46pm by Andrew Perrott

Megapolis Review

The 2013 release of Sim City last year left hordes of game players vastly disappointed. In all of the city builder substitutes that are on the market Megapolis is one that is available to play on mobile devices. It may not be exactly the same as more exciting versions of Sim City from the past, but it is definitely worth downloading and taking city building on the go.

Similar to Farmville this game starts out in a small area to start one’s thriving urban utopia. With the funds the game starts out with it is possible to expand the editable area to allow for more construction. However, it is important to use this money to make sure the city has enough means of production to fund city growth and enough resources to supply the means of production. The classic city builder cycle. Although it is hard to keep this cycle alive because of how slow it takes for the factories in the town to actually produce something useful. In some cases it takes two whole days to accumulate any profit.

Growth in this game goes very fast in the first few levels but over time it begins to slow down as the starter funds supplied to you begins to shrivel and dry up. There are two forms of currency in this game: coins and megabucks. The coins are general currency used for buying normal items from the store. The megabucks on the other hand have a lot of uses and basically run the game. Megabucks are used to  speed up production and construction. They are also used to buy general things like the coins such as buildings or other miscellaneous landmarks. Megabucks are useful for expanding the lot which is available to use. While the megabucks have a lot of uses they are not free to obtain. They must be purchased but they are relatively cheap if one doesn’t mind spending money on a game that is free to download. The game supplies one megabuck each time the player levels up which isn’t frequent enough to create a thriving Megapolis metropolis.

Outside of the difficulty of megabucks and money the gameplay overall is pretty fun for a mobile city builder game. There are enough challenges to strive for to keep the player interested as well as a good sense of freedom in how to build a city into the one the player would want it to be. The game is enjoyable to play although it drastically slows down after a point. I would say that this game deserves a 3 out of 5.

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