Military Masters Cheats And Tips

Posted on Mar 16 2015 - 1:29pm by MobileGamePlace

Military Masters is an online, MMO-like tactical strategy game for iOS and Android platforms. It is free to play with several time-gated and purchasable items present. The game features some single-player elements along with live, synchronous multiplayer battles against other players. Here are some tips and tricks to lead your squad to glory in Military Masters.

1. Claim your free rewards!

Take a look at the in-game shop, and not that there are several various categories. The most important one for you as a free player is the “Free” category. There are three different categories, each with a separate cooldown and rewards. Make sure to claim these regularly!

2. Take out your enemy’s first-strikers ASAP!

As the tutorial shows you, the team that begins turns is the one with the higher First Strike stat, represented by blue numbers. Your first targets in a match should always be the enemy’s units which have blue numbers. You should always bring the Targeting ability to battle, and use it on these units to get a slight advantage. If you destroy your enemy’s First Striker units or bring their numbers down below your own’s, then you gain a minor advantage over him at the beginning of each turn.

3. Have a balanced team!

You should always have a fairly balanced team for all situations. If you have a look at your beginner units, you’ll notice the following trend: lighter units have less HP but faster attacks represented by more blue (initiative) attacks, and heavier units have more red attacks (red number means slower but heavier attacks).


Units with these red numbers also mean that they have special abilities. To use these you need to land the units on red-colored spaces during your spins, thus you should use the Respin ability if your strategy is to rely on these abilities.

4. Some battle strategies

First, if you want to do a lot of PvP battles, then keep all three squads upgraded, because in PvP the game randomly picks one out of the 3 for you.

To have some advantage in battles, use your Bombard ability at the start of every turn. It is even better if you can couple this with First Strike advantage, then your opponent will barely have any strength left by the time his units come into play.

Before a battle ends you should use the Money Talks skill if you have it, as it increases your winning rewards.

5. Make use of level-up, but don’t go overboard!

Your units can be leveled u pas they gain experience; some of these level-ups require having certain parts. You also progress through a tier of various vehicles while playing the game; to unlock the next tier, you need to obtain all of the vehicles in the previous one. So it may be a good strategy to unlock everything in the lower tiers as soon as possible in order to reach the more advanced units faster.

Study the units carefully by tapping on them, and checking out their max-leveled stats. Level them accordingly, as some low-tiered units aren’t worth to level them up, because they will be weak even on max level.

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