MineCraft PE Review

Posted on Sep 6 2013 - 1:55am by Sean Cravener


Being an avid MineCraft fan for a while now, I got excited once I heard Mojang was releasing a mobile version of the game. MineCraft is available to download in the Android and iOS marketplace for a reasonable price of $6.99. The price may seem a little high for a mobile game, but if you are a fan of the computer version you would know that this price is well worth it when you will be spending hours trying to build massive cities or underground castles.


To start with the game is basically like its computer and Xbox counterparts. You are able to generate a world with two different modes, creative and survival. In Creative mode you are given the freedom to design anything you want without the fear of a creeper sneaking up on you or even the infamous Herobrine hacking into your game and killing you out of nowhere. In survival mode you are given health that when depleted you will die and respawn back into the game. The Minecraft PE game even includes most of the blocks that it’s computer counterpart has including iron, diamonds, gold, coal and so on. With these resources you are still able to craft various new blocks and tools to help you design your perfect world. One last thing I would like to add regarding generating new worlds is the amazing ability to still use seeds which you can share with your friends.


The controls in MineCraft PE are the simple d-pad style. The inventory is located on the bottom of your screen which includes a spot where once clicked on will open up your entire inventory. To destroy blocks you must press and hold on them until they are destroyed.


Overall the only thing I didn’t like was just playing on a smaller screen which is a little hard to get used to after years of playing it on my computer screen. This is to be expected though and it is quite nice to be able to play MineCraft on the go when I have some time to kill. One thing I would also like to add is that the game seems to be a little on the glitchy side but Mojang is amazing in providing constant updates that fix these issues and also improve on the gameplay.

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