MineCraft PE Seeds Part 1

Posted on Sep 6 2013 - 1:21am by Sean Cravener

In this post I have compiled various Minecraft PE seeds I have gathered from all over the internet and through trial and error. Most of the MineCraft PE seeds should work if they do not please let me know and I can remove them. Also if you have any more seeds for MineCraft PE feel free to comment and share for the rest of us! Part 2 is now up with even more MineCraft Seeds!

MineCraft Pocket Edition Seeds

  1. flattering – Pretty much a very flat world
  2. nyan – This is a pretty amazing seed you will just have to find out for yourselves
  3. 0.4.0 – This seed is a great place to obtain a massive amount of diamonds
  4. 1367764109 – A very beautiful MineCraft seed with a lot of towering cliffs, craters, etc
  5. raygun – A world with a lot of gravel and snow
  6. buckets – A great seed with a lot of mountains and cliff overhangs
  7. BUTTER CAVE – A seed with a floating islands and waterfalls
  8. N217UO – A seed with A LOT of resources and a lot of cool unground places
  9. pink ponies fly – Another seed with a butt load of mountains
  10. porsche – A MineCraft seed with a lot of caves and a huge crater with lava
  11. ameba – A world with a great amount of water
  12. Herobrine – Apparently this one contains a cliff that has a cobblestone generator on it, but I have not had the time to try it out so I apologize if this is all just a bunch of bolony
  13. randomseed – A world with a lot of snow
  14. flat plzz – Another flat world
  15. jonny the explorer – A world with tall mounts and amazing floating islands
  16. gimmediamonds – A beautiful world with hidden pools, sugarcane, and nice beaches


MineCraft PE is available to download in both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store 

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