MineCraft PE Seeds Part 2

Posted on Sep 7 2013 - 10:59pm by Sean Cravener

Below, I have gathered a list of Seeds that I found online for the MineCraft PE mobile game. MineCraft PE is available in both the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. If I have made a mistake or you know of any other MineCraft PE Seeds that you want to share please feel free to leave a comment or contact me! Also check out MineCraft PE Seeds Part 1  for a list of more MineCraft PE Seeds. 

MineCraft PE Seed List

  1. 13377331 – A world with mountains, valleys, and some nice lakes
  2. Iliketomoveit – A world that contains 4 massive waterfalls and some caves
  3. minecraftisawesome – This seed contains floating land
  4. xperiaplay – A world with alotttt of snow and ice
  5. 1492318970 – A seed with an already build npc village
  6. Infinity – Seed that contains a very nice floating island
  7. dumbocow – A seed that contains some nice hills and floating islands
  8. waterland – A world with some crates, cliff overhangs, and mountains
  9. dbanksatz – A seed with a lot of snow and some pretty sweet hills
  10. Punchwood – A very beautiful world with a nice forest
  11. CityOfBones – A MineCraft seed with a flat land and snow
  12. xboxx – A world with some tall mountains
  13. horrid seed – A world where you spawn on one of the tallest mountains I have seen so far in MineCraft PE
  14. InvaderCreeper – A seed where you will find a lot of redstone if you dig straight down from the spawn point.
  15. 0.6.0 – A great seed for survival
  16. smacko – A great MineCraft seed with a waterfall near the spawn
  17. Poopaduke – A seed with a huge cave
  18. flatish – A world with some huge mountains and oceans
  19. greyingghost – A seed with nice views and a lot of diamonds

MineCraft PE is available to download in both the Google Play Store  and iTunes App Store

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