Mobile Blackjack Cheats and Tips

Posted on Oct 1 2021 - 2:38am by MobileGamePlace

When talking about card games, blackjack is one of the names that come up first. It is amongst the most played casino games in the world. No decent gaming library is complete without at least a single blackjack offering. Thanks to mobile gambling, blackjack enthusiasts can easily access their favourite games on smartphones and tablets. The options for mobile blackjack are virtually limitless, given the proliferation of casino apps. You can opt to play instant games straight from a browser courtesy of mobile-optimised websites. Alternatively, you can download iOS or Android native apps to your device. Players even have the choice of free blackjack apps that are perfect for practice.

Before you open your chosen mobile blackjack game, though, know how to improve your winning chances. Every casino game has an element of luck, and blackjack is no exception. However, this card game also requires a level of skill. The goal is to ensure that you get a hand that beats the dealer without its value exceeding 21. So, you have to know which moves to makes when holding certain cards. Blackjack is not a complicated game, but when you are a beginner, everything can seem overwhelming. Therefore, learning a few tricks provides an advantage. Note that the following cheats and tips are for players who already have an idea of how to play blackjack. If you are a complete novice, then you should look up a how-to-play blackjack guide first.

Understand Basic Strategy

The best thing you can do for your blackjack gaming skills is to learn basic strategy. Each action you take when playing 21 affects the entire game. For this reason, you have to be careful not to make hasty decisions. Additionally, you should know how to play certain hands effectively. A basic blackjack strategy makes that easy. It tells you what to do when holding strong or weak starting hands.

For example, if you are holding anything between 12 and 16 after the first round, then a good move would be to stand. It’s tempting to want to take another card (hit) because you believe it would get closer to 21. However, if the dealer’s upcard is between 2 and 6, then there’s a chance you both go bust if you hit. If your hand is 12-16 while the dealer’s upcard is 7-Ace, then hit because the dealer could meet up with a higher total than you. Basic blackjack strategy also advises you to split Aces and 8’s always, but never tens. Splitting is when you divide your hand into two separate ones, thus, increasing your winning probability.

You can also find out what to do with hard and soft hands. Some mobile casinos include gaming tips. Hence, check if the platform you are using offers blackjack strategies. You can easily find a blackjack cheat sheet that you should evaluate carefully before playing. Try gambling for free at Litecoin casinos with deposit-free games to practice basic strategy as much as possible.

What About Card Counting

For ages, blackjack players have counted cards as a way to predict the remaining values on a deck. When you know the remaining high and low cards, then you can tell if you or the dealer has an advantage and take the necessary precautions. Card counting is one of the most effective tactics used in mobile blackjack games. However, it requires some arithmetic skills. You have to assign values to cards, then track them as the game continues. The downside of counting cards is that it only works with a small number of decks. Therefore, its usage is limited to a few variants.

Get Familiar with The House Edge

Never gamble on casino games without grasping the concept of house advantage first. In each game, the casino has a certain edge over the player. This statical advantage indicates the amount that the casino retains for every 100 units wagered. A game with a house edge of 1.5% means the operator keeps 1.5 currency units in every 100. Blackjack games give the house an advantage of 2%-3%. However, when using a basic strategy, this figure can decrease to 0.5%. The number of decks in the shoe also determines the house edge; the more they are, the higher it is.

Bankroll Management is Vital

If you are to remember anything from this guide, let it be this. How you manage your gambling funds shape your experience. You could memorise the entire cheat sheet, but if you don’t know how much to stake on a single bet, all that knowledge goes to waste. Begin by deciding how much you intend to spend on a mobile blackjack game. Remember that this should be money you don’t mind losing. Your bankroll should guide your betting choices. For instance, if you intend to spend $100, then you can’t have $20 single wagers. Avoid chasing losses because you risk spending unnecessarily. Also, learn to quit while you are ahead. If you win, don’t push your luck thinking you can extend your streak.

Try Betting Systems

Various betting systems are used in casino gaming. The Martingale, Fibonacci and flat betting are some examples. Most popular wagering strategies are suitable for mobile blackjack. A betting strategy helps you capitalise on available opportunities. However, it doesn’t guarantee a win, and should never be your only strategy. Learn about different systems and find the ones that would work with your favourite mobile blackjack title. Take the time to test different wagering tactics to see how effective they are before committing any real money to a game.

Mobile blackjack is one way to enjoy casino gaming from anywhere. The classic card game is simple to learn, with an array of versions to expand your interests. With the cheats and tips above, you can get the best out of mobile blackjack games by boosting your winning chances. Now, test some of the strategies to see how well they work out for you.

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