Monkey Swing: Swinging Monkeys Wearing Funny Hats

Posted on Oct 15 2014 - 5:42pm by MobileGamePlace

Monkey Swing game allows you to swing a free-flying chimp from platform to platform using vines. The challenge of the game is timing. It all comes down to that. The platforms grow progressively smaller, so the more platforms you make it to, the harder it is to time when your monkey should let go of the vine to land on the next platform. A simple enough concept, but hard to do. Additional obstacles are presented in your way with each level, and getting past platform 15 or so takes quite a bit of skill.


The game is social, you can give out your friends code to other buddies of yours so they can view your scores and try to beat each other, or you can connect your account with Facebook, which allows your Facebook friends who are into Monkey Swing to view your high scores, and vice versa.

There are also collectibles which come in the form of monkey hats. From golden, spiky glowing hair (inspired by anime series), to knight helmets, to pirate hats, to wearing a live cat on its head! This also shows up on Facebook, which makes the vanity aspect of Monkey Swing meaningful and enjoyable.

The developers of the game are constantly pushing out new content. A Halloween themed free bonus level is expected to be released soon, and new major features are constantly implemented with the aim to provide additional depth and longevity to the game.
Monkey Swing is available for both android and iOS devices:

Google Play Store:
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