Never Race The Same Track Twice With New Top Down Racing Mobile Game, Wreck’em Racing

Posted on May 6 2014 - 2:09pm by Sean Cravener

Wreck'em Racing Download

Are you tired of having to constantly race the same track over and over again where you have every obstacle, jump, hidden path memorized? Well you’r anguish will soon be over with the latest addition to the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, Wreck’em Racing.

Wreck’em Racing is a new top-down racing game that includes a track generation system so you won’t be bothered with repeating a track over and over again. Not only will you have the constant surprise of a new track but you will also be given 9 different powers along with 4 chassis types which you will be using to take down you’r opponent. You can play defensive and have a car that absorbs damage or if you fancy yourself a bad-ass like myself you can also equip some offensive powers to help put an end to your opponents racing career.

To keep you even more enticed Wreck’em Racing includes 40 missions and 18 different challenges which spices up the gameplay a wee bit. Wreck’em Racing will also include a garage so you can customize your vehicle whether it be a 4×4 or even a hovercraft.

If you wish to give Wreck’em Racing a try than you can head over to the App Store and Google Play Store right now and pick up you’r copy for free.

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