New Action RPG Complete With Raid Bosses, Elements: Epic Heroes, Will Get iOS Release Later Tonight

Posted on May 9 2014 - 3:25pm by Sean Cravener

Elements Epic Heroes Download

The popular mobile game developer Gamevil will be releasing their latest game to US and UK iOS users later tonight and I for one am excited to try it out. Elements: Epic Heroes is an action RPG set in a world where you are tasked with ridding the world of the Dark Lord and all the darkness he has spread over the land.

Elements: Epic Heroes will include a lot of different features that seems like it will make it quite fun. For one, the controls seem rather simple where you only need to tap where you want your hero to go and when you need to dish out some basic attacks its as simple as moving your hero near your enemy. If you want to use special attacks or even try to dodge attacks all you need to do is tap.

Besides the controls, the game includes some really nice 3D graphics that I was very impressed by. The main reason though that I was excited for this latest action RPG was because of the multiplayer features. The game includes real time boss raids where you can team up with up to four other players to defeat bosses like the Dragon and the Dark Knight. You will also notice that the game includes leaderboards where higher ranks gets you special rewards and bragging rights even though I probably wouldn’t be bragging about being the best at a random action RPG mobile game.

The game definitely has a lot of potential with a lot of features that I didn’t get to mention but it is free so I wouldn’t get too excited yet until you can see if the game includes any heavy hitting IAP walls. Elements: Epic Heroes is currently soft-launched in Canada, but will be realeased tonight for US (11 PM EST) and Europe (12 AM UK time) iOS users.

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