New Free-To-Play City Management Game, PixelMogul, Gets iOS Release

Posted on Apr 29 2014 - 4:28pm by Sean Cravener

Pixel Mogul App Store

Yet another city management game has blessed us with its presence with the release of the new free-to-play city management game, PixelMogul.

Starting PixelMogul you will notice that it is slightly different than most city management games on the market, requiring a lot of your time to be focused on keeping all of your tenants happy so they don’t eventually move out. While catering to the whim of your tenants you will also be spending your time expanding your little empire across this digital frontier of needy renters.

I have yet to fully explore much of the game but it is rather promising as I have yet to run into any major IAP walls. The game will definitely be keeping you busy with over 9 building types to choose from. To keep your tenants happy you will be given over 450 interiors to choose from, 50 animals, 50 robots, and 120 extensions to add to your buildings.

The game is currently free on the App Store, but in order to play PixelMogul to its full potential you will need to purchase an “All Inclusive” IAP for $2.99.

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