New Free-To-Play Physics Based Racing Game, Small & Furious, Crashes Onto The App Store

Posted on May 20 2014 - 3:25pm by Sean Cravener

Small & Furious App Store Download

One genre I can never seem to get tired of has to definitely be those physic-based racing games like Trials. Luckily enough a new one has just been released onto the App Store and I’ve already got a good feeling about it even for a F2P game.

In Small & Furious you will be joined with a cast of crash test dummies as you control your very own in order to navigate various tracks. The gameplay will be quite familiar with anyone who has had to chance to play any type of physic-based racing game, as you try to not to wreck while navigating tracks filled with speed bumps, jumps, blockers, and much more.

The game already comes jammed with 80 tracks and 4 different environments which all have some nice 3D scenery to look at as your crash test dummy plows into stuff. It also includes 7 cars which are all upgradable. The best thing so far though definitely has to be the endless mode which can be quite helpful in earning in-game coins.

Also, even though Small & Furious is F2P, I have yet to come into any IAP walls and any other obstacles that may force me to spend money and this is always a huge plus in my book. If your feeling the need to try this game out you can download your copy for free now in the App Store.

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