Paperama Review

Posted on Apr 25 2014 - 9:33pm by Andrew Perrott

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper. With this ancient art it is possible to fold paper into frogs, swans, and other beautiful paper creations. However physical obstacles of paper folding talent and the personal supply of paper one might have laying around could hinder the mastery of this art. Instead of wasting tons of paper and killing trees why not use the smartphone to practice the art. Paperama is a more goal based and green way to hone ones origami skills.

Paperama is a puzzle game which players are allotted a certain number of moves to fold papers into a shape specified by a dotted line. After the certain number of moves the amount of paper is tallied up into a percentage and is then therefor graded on a 3 star rating of completion. The higher the percentage of the paper matching the borders the more stars the player obtains. Now despite what this sounds like bare minimum to pass is 80% completion, which in itself warrants only one star.

Folding paper into the borders is challenging. It requires the player to use their spatial reasoning and think outside the box while folding the paper into the box. It gets very frustrating to try and work the paper because sometimes the controls can be touchy. Several times as I was playing this a small movement of my finger completely cost me the final move. While mistakes are likely the developers seemed to have anticipated this and put an “undo” button in the game which is a small miracle.

This game provides a much less frustrating experience than actual origami. I know I’ve tried. The artwork in this game is very creative and the controls can be extremely frustrating the undo button is always an option. This game gets 4 paper stars out of 5.

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