Piano Tiles/Don’t Tap the White Tile

Posted on May 1 2014 - 12:57pm by Andrew Perrott

First to clear up any confusion this game has two titles depending on the operating system. On the Android system this game is called “Don’t Tap the White Tile,” and on the iPhone it is named “Piano Tiles.” This game has a look and feel similar to Guitar Hero where the player must hit certain keys on cue to keep moving forward, but it is classier because it is a piano. The objective of the game is so eloquently stated by the Android title which is to not tap the white tile. If a tile is hit the game automatically ends. This game has several ways to play. It has classic, zen and relay modes in which the player has to hit all of the lowermost tiles and the board only moves when the tile is hit and there is the Guitar Hero like game modes of Arcade and Rush where the player must hit the tiles and not miss one. While these modes are different and have different scoring they all have one common theme: Don’t Touch the White Tile. Scoring also varies from mode to mode some modes time how fast a player completes it while others score overall tiles before time runs out or the player makes the fatal mistake of tapping the dreaded white tile. Rush mode is by far the most unusual way of scoring because the player is scored by how fast the board is moving when the game is over, because the board moves faster and faster as the player progresses through the game. With all of these modes to chose from it is easy to stay interested in this game. What is nice about this game is that while having a connection is nice it is not absolutely needed. Connection to the internet is only required to view or share high scores. That being said this game can be played anywhere as long as the player doesn’t mind not showing off how well they slaughtered rush mode. This game gets a 4 out of 5.

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