Plague Inc. Review

Posted on Aug 21 2013 - 2:48am by morvik14

Plague Inc. begins by letting the player pick what type of plague they would like to unleash on the world. There are a few different plague types to choose from like bacteria, virus, or a parasite. All of these plagues have their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s also possible unlock different plague types, like Bio-Weapon, that kills everything it touches. After you select your plague you name it then begin your game.

Plague Inc. starts by presenting the player with a map of the world. You can move around and pick where you want your plague to start. The map is surprisingly accurate giving the player the ability to pick an individual country to unleash their plague. You can also see how each continent is interconnected by ships and planes moving across the map. As your plague begins to spread you receive DNA points which pop up on the map in random places. They need to be tapped to acquire DNA points from them. The player can then use these DNA points to modify their plague. You can choose to put DNA points into transmission types like insects, rodents, or airborne transmission. DNA points can also be put into symptoms like cough, rash, and nausea. I like to choose transmissions and symptoms that work together, like an airborne transmission with coughing symptoms. You can also choose to spend DNA points on abilities like cold resistance or drug resistance. Let’s say your plague was having trouble spreading in Greenland, you could put some DNA points in cold resistance to help it survive in the cold. Another thing that should be mentioned is as your plague becomes more wide spread and deadly the world gets closer to finding a cure. You can mitigate this by using DNA points to slow the cure rate. Or you can avoid this all together by creating a plague that spreads fast enough that there is no time for a cure.

Overall Plague Inc. is a very good mobile game, and has a moderately high replay value. The only minor problem I had with this app is there are some bits of downtime when you are waiting for DNA points to pop up. It can also be very frustrating at times, like making a plague to deadly that it doesn’t have time to spread efficiently. But you could always do what I did and unlock all the plague types, pick Bio-Weapon, and almost guarantee yourself victory.

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