Polymer Cheats and Tips

Posted on Feb 7 2015 - 5:52pm by MobileGamePlace

Polymer is a deceptively simple game of swiping various oddly shaped and colored things.  It is available for Android and iOS. You have to swipe these unusually shaped pieces in the four directions: up, down, left and right to create various, larger shapes out of the individual ones. You get higher scores for creating larger shapes with no loose ends.

The basics of the gameplay are to swipe the shapes in the four directions, make connections with other shapes, and making longer, larger shapes across multiple on-screen tiles. The following tips will help you in obtaining larger scores.


Start from a side row or column, and try to get ending pieces there as a start. Swipe other pieces next to these as a continuation. Always leave a fairly large part of the screen free from your intended creation’s location to give you space for swapping shapes around.


Also remember that shapes can go across the edges of the screen!

Try to attain combos!

To attain a combo which gives bonus points you need to have multiple destroyable shapes on the board at a given time, and pop them in the same turn without making a move between the pops.

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