Popular Action Shooter, Epoch 2, Released For Android Devices

Posted on Mar 27 2014 - 7:08pm by Sean Cravener

Epoch 2 Android

Originally released for iOS devices, the epic saga that is Epoch 2 has been released on the Google Play Store today.

The setting for this sequel to Epoch sets you in a final desperate attempt to reach Princess Amelia with the two warring robot armies of Omegatroniks and Alphetekk standing in the way. Those unfamiliar with Epoch should note that it utilizes the touch-screen for combat where you will make various tactical decisions to either take cover, select targets, dodge incoming fire, utilize special abilities, and launch counter measures.

The best thing about Epoch 2 definitely has to be the graphics which you should easily find quite impressive. Epoch 2 also has new weapons, items, and even new play modes that will provide that tougher challenge you have been craving.

Epoch 2 is now currently available to download in the Google Play Store for $2.50 which is the special 50% launch sale so get it before the price goes up!

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