Popular Farming Sim, Pocket Harvest, Gets iOS Release

Posted on Jun 2 2014 - 4:07pm by Sean Cravener

Pocket Harvest App Store Release

Pocket Harvest, the popular sim game developed by Kairosoft, has finally gotten released in the App Store for iOS devices. Pocket Harvest, originally released for Android, is an extremely fun farming simulator that will remind you of Kairosoft’s other sim games.

In Pocket Harvest you are given control of a farm where you will put your farming simulator skills to test. Those who have not played previous Kairsoft games, Pocket Harvest plays more like Harvest Moon rather than most of the other horrible farming simulator games on the app stores like FarmVille.

You will of course be tasked with farming various different fruits and vegetables in order to raise your income. Contests also play a major role in Pocket harvest where you can refine your produce into some awesome kick-ass produce in order to bring in more orders and money. Just like in Harvest Moon you will be taking care of animals as well who provide you with milk, wool, eggs, and other farm stuff that animals give you. Lastly as with most Kairosoft games you will be allowed to build various facilities, but with Pocket Harvest, the facilities are all about boosting your income through tourism.

Most Kairosoft games are a must have and Pocket Harvest is no exception to this. You can pick up your copy of Pocket Harvest now for a measly $4.99

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