Popular Social Game, Here Be Monsters, Launched For iPad Devices

Posted on Mar 27 2014 - 7:01pm by Sean Cravener

Here Be Monsters iPad

The new popular social game, Here Be Monsters, has finally come to mobile devices with a new HD mobile app launched specifically for iPad devices. With an already highly populated community of 2 million players worldwide, Here Be Monsters is a free social adventure game with a promising future.

Here Be Monsters might slightly remind you of your childhood if you happened to be born in the right time to experience the golden age of Pokemon. The setting of Here Be Monsters is all about becoming the ultimate trapper and saving the world (sound familiar?). During your time playing Here Be Monsters you will discover an unfolding story with content that is regularly added in and you will also have the chance to travel the world in your quest to trap monsters.

Here Be Monsters features, dozens of mytical monsters to capture, the ability to build ingenious traps and craft irresistible baits with over 500 recipes to master. You will even be given the opportunity to create your very own homestead anywhere in the world where you can grow crops, raise animals, upgrade your workshop along with your lab. Lastly of course with every social game you can expect the social networking to be heavily thrown into the gameplay.

Here Be Monsters is available to download in the App Store for free.

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