Protect Some Cows With New Tower Defense iOS Game, Beware Planet Earth!

Posted on May 29 2014 - 12:01pm by Sean Cravener

Beware Planet Earth Mobile Game

A new tower-defense game from Bandai Namco will have you protecting some cows from being taken by some stereotypical Martians.

In Beware Plant Earth! you will be tasked will placing down various defense towers along with traps and items to protect your cows from this weird Martian invasion. Beware Planet Earth! also follows the typical gameplay of most tower defense games, where the Martians where follow a specific dirt path giving you grass on the sides to place down the numerous towers.

To spice things up this cow-rific game includes 20 total machines to build, 23 unique Martian enemies, and 4 seasons with their own unique twist. The game will also include 2 different gameplay modes for beginners and veteran players.

If you feel like saving some cows than you can pick up Beware Planet Earth! in the App Store now for free.

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