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Posted on Feb 7 2015 - 5:51pm by MobileGamePlace

Puzzle Craft is a nice, relaxing game for iOS. It is about building a city and a farm like in FarmVille, but with some added puzzle elements. But it is not really one of those little casual games you can check on a few times a way if you’re bored. This game has an active gameplay element tied to collecting resources and items. This is basically the good old-fashioned Match-3 gameplay tied into a FarmVille-like builder and gatherer game, which is quite a nice touch. Here are some tips and tricks for the game to help you on your way to become the proud owner of a great city.

Check back often!

Taxes and the other resources from your buildings can be collected every two hours, and they don’t keep on accumulating, so be sure to check back often every two hours if possible. For example, after six hours have passed, there will only be 2 hour’s worth of taxes waiting, not 2 hours * 3 passes.

Match-3 basics

In Puzzle Craft there are a few minor differences from other Match-3 games. Diagonal matches are allowed here. The amount of moves is fixed per session, and your goal is to collect as many resources as possible within this limit. There are no fixed objectives; instead, you have to set your own by remembering which resources and items you need from the Mining or Farming minigames.


What not to hire early

Don’s hire Lumberjacks, Diggers or Peasants in the early game after starting out, because Haystacks, Dirt and Wood are abundant in the game. These workers will come in handy a lot later after you have unlocked several more valuable resources, replacing some of these three resources on the board. Always try to plan ahead a bit, and only hire workers whose resources are starting a bit harder to find as you progress.

Essential buildings and upgrades

The most important building is the Cottage, which enables you to hire 3 Workers per building. These either reduce the required number of collected tiles for converting to resources or reduce the amount of connected tiles needed for spawning new resources. Each Worker in a given category reduces the requirements by one.

Another important building is the Small Barn, which will have the Stop Time upgrades, which will give you free moves for collecting grain. A similar building for Mining is the Larder, with the same function of giving free moves for the Mining collection game.

Tools are also an important resource; these give you free moves, but be aware of their costs and return of investment. It is not worth wasting these on meager and abundant resources such as Wood when the tool’s use only results in 1 more Wood, or similar results.

4 of the Sapper workers are really good in Mining for generating extra gold, as it is easy enough to match 4 Gas tiles.


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