Puzzler-Game, Glyph Quest, Becomes Available For Android Devices

Posted on Feb 18 2014 - 2:56pm by Sean Cravener

Glyph Quest Android

Originally released in the iTunes App Store, the puzzler-fantasy game Glyph Quest has finally become available for android devices.

The game puts you in the shoes of either a witch or wizard depending on you preference who will use the power of the elements to defeat their foes. The game also features a unique battle system, “glyph system”, to help you defeat these foes so you can complete your quests.

Also I would like to note that the game is currently free to play, but only up to level 5 so you get a chance to decide if you want to purchase it. If you do decide you want to purchase Glyph Quest you can just unlock the rest of the game through a single in-app purchase! So head on over to the Google Play Store and download your copy now to try out! If you have an iPhone, have no fear, the game is still available in the iTunes App Store.

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