Relive Your Flappy Bird Frustration With New iOS Game, The Holy Hand Grenade

Posted on Apr 29 2014 - 4:51pm by Sean Cravener

The Holy Hand Grenade App Store

Are you ready to face that frustrating yet addicting feeling that Flappy Bird gave you? Of course you are and with the release of the new iOS game, The Holy Hand Grenade, all those phone smashing moments will come back to you.

The Holy Hand Grenade has extremely simple gameplay that requires you to only hold your finger down on “The Holy Hand Grenade” and once the screen starts flashing you must be swift enough to take your finger off in time before it detonates. I have already spent some hours practicing with it and I have already had quite a few moments of rage due to my stupid slow finger.

The main attraction for The Holy Hand Grenade is it’s multiplayer features. In multiplayer matches you will be grouped with either a bunch of your own Facebook friends or random people through the global match. After being grouped the game becomes a last man standing type of scenario. Every time you begin a new round the time it takes for the grenade to blow up will be reduced which provides an even greater challenge.

If getting stressed out is right down your alley, then you can head over to the App Store now and pick up The Holy Hand Grenade for free!

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