Retro Action Slasher Mobile Game, Crusader Elite, Now Available For Android

Posted on Apr 8 2014 - 4:48pm by Sean Cravener

Crusader Elite Android Google Play

If you’ve been dying for a nice little arcade mobile game to waste some time with then Crusader Elite might just be what you’ve been looking for with it’s retro-ey pixalated-ness, simple controls, and increasingly fun gameplay.

The gameplay of Crusader Elite is rather simple it seems where your main goal is just to stand your ground and fend off various evil enemies over 4 different stages. I should also note that the free version and paid version of the game include different modes and other features.

The free version, which can be downloaded now in the Google Play Store, only includes a survival mode where you must survive against hordes of enemies with only 1 HP and you aren’t allowed to use special abilities.

The paid version, which can also be downloaded now in the Google Play Store, includes a Patrol Mode, Survival Elite Mode, and Talents. The Patrol Mode lets you play the stages in the game where there are only a limited number of enemies. The Survival Elite Mode is exactly what you think it is along with the feature to use talents earned from the Patrol Mode. Lastly the talents available to you will help give you more health, longer abilities, and the ability to evade attacks.

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