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Posted on Mar 2 2014 - 7:02pm by Andrew Perrott

Screenshot of "Frontier Fortune" from My Vegas.

To anybody who has ever felt the urge to visit a financial risk free gambling environment, there is a solution to your problem. My Vegas is a mobile slot game available for the Android and Apple systems. A bonus of downloading this game is that it is free to download and the user is able to accumulate loyalty points over a period of time that could be used to get real comps in the real Las Vegas strip; a place where you could put your slot skills to the test.

Game play for this game is simple, repetitive and extremely addictive. Players get to set how much money the gamble per line like in an actual casino, but unlike an actual casino a player cannot adjust the number of lines they bet on. Once the bet amount is set then one can start playing the slots by constantly hitting a

button over and over again and hoping for a good payout. There are also bonuses within the slot games that lead to either mini games or a series of free spins. The mini games vary from wheel spinning, memory games, guessing games and betting on the outcome of a naval battle (not kidding).

As mentioned before there are some ways to turn ones virtual slot addiction into something useful. Depending on how long one plays the game they can rack up loyalty points which are separate from the credits one would use to spin. There are also challenges in the game one can fulfill to earn both spin credits and loyalty points. Don’t be too impressed though because the challenges basically add up to going to a certain level and doing the same thing there that you would be doing at another game. The loyalty points gained can be used to purchase actual things in Vegas such as one free drink, one free appetizer, or even half off of a hotel room.

While this game is simple and addictive it has its downfalls. Its constant need for a connection does tend to stop my need to hit a button over and over again. Also there are times where it inexplicably freezes or just simply lags. There are just a bunch of small glitches in this game that make it inconvenient to play which makes it incredibly frustrating. Overall the pros of this game tend to outweigh the cons and My Vegas is an overall fun mobile gaming experience. I give this game a 3 out of 5.

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