Rise of the Blobs Cheats And Tips

Posted on Feb 7 2015 - 5:49pm by MobileGamePlace

Rise of the Blobs is a freemium puzzle game for Android and iOS. It is a nice and interesting variation of the falling block type of puzzles. In this game there is a cylindrical column at the center of the field, which can be rotated in 360 degrees by swiping it left or right. The outside of this column is randomly and gradually filling up with colored blocks, and your objective is to keep dropping the same-colored fruits and tap on them to make the blocks explode. Similarly to other Match-3 genre games, groups of at least 3 blocks and fruits are needed to explode. Also be sure to not land fruits on unmatched blocks, as that will make them stay permanently on the field. Here are some tips for this game.

There are 3 game modes: Normal with several waves of blobs, Timed mode where it is a race versus time. In this mode you can earn bonus time by bursting blobs containing clocks. And Match mode requires you to do colored matches in fixed sequences determined by the game.

Levels and upgrades

You will earn Rank points which are experience points as you play and finish games. The amounts gained are determined by your scoring in the games you play, so go for the highest scores possible. These Ranks will earn you a variety of new themed stages to choose from. You will also earn Coins, which are needed for upgrading power-ups. The costs of these go up quite steeply, so you should level up all of them side by side instead of focusing on a select few.


How to get high scores

In the Normal game mode, everything goes, just make sure to keep swiping the column and don’t let any blocks reach the top of it, as that means instant game over. Survive as long as possible for higher scores.  Timed Mode is similar, but there you have to really pay attention to block with clocks inside them. Focus on these to keep the time up. Lastly, in the Match mode always pay attention to the top right of the screen, and only pop the color which is currently shown. Also if your current fruit is of the incorrect color, don’t just shoot it away randomly. Instead use them to prepare for the next colors, as always having just 1 short of popping in every color can immensely lengthen your time in Match mode.

About power ups

There are several Perks in-game, which can also be upgraded. These are the following:

TNT Blob: these can be activated to destroy large areas of blocks, freeing up some of the board. Use them to destroy large chunks of blocks, or if a single block column is getting too high, topple it by dropping a TNT next to it.

Time bonus: this simply gives more time to start with in Timed mode.

Cherry Bonus: based on your total score, adds a small percentage on the top of it.

Rainbow Fruits: these are wildcard fruits, which can match with any other type, thus can lengthen your game if used well.

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