Robo Defense Review

Posted on Nov 2 2013 - 8:42am by Sean Cravener

The game I have chosen to review today is a mobile game that has been out for quite a while, but is one that I still constantly find myself going back to even after beating it countless times. Robo Defense, designed by Lupis Labs, is one of the most popular defense games available on the Android app store.

Robo Defense is your basic kind of defense game were players are required to defend a base from waves of enemies with various weapons and other strategic towers. The maps let you place your defensive towers basically anywhere on the map as long as you do not block off a way for the enemies to get to the base, although you can divert enemies. This feature is amazing and really puts your mind to the test to come up with various layouts that seem to work best. Most of the time you will have to figure this out through some trial and error but it really didn’t seem to bother me at all.

This defense game gives you 3 different towers to choose from at the start. The towers are your basic machine gun, missile launcher, and a tower that slows enemies for a brief time. The towers are also upgradeable to increase damage, among other things. This feature just seemed to make the game better as it provided even more options for your strategy. Robo Defense also lets you purchase upgrades, with money won from matches, for your towers and other things.

Now I have to admit that I never purchased this game I am only basing this review on the free app available, but even with the free version I find the game is well worth my time. I will most likely be buying the full game in the future and highly advise if you’re a fan of defense games, to either try or buy Robo Defense.


The free Robo Defense game is available on the Android app store

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