Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Review

Posted on Sep 8 2013 - 12:00pm by Sean Cravener


I was never too fond of games such as Robot Unicorn Attack, but I figured with all of it’s popularity and ridiculous game play, that I would at least give it a chance. Also since I didn’t want to go into this review blind, I figured I would start with Robot Unicorn Attack 2’s predecessor.

After quite some time of wasting endless hours of playing both of these awkward unicorn games, I ended up falling in love. the sequel has some very noticeable and exquisite changes while still retaining the core game play of the game. The graphics seemed to have made an extreme overhaul. The setting displayed as your controlling the unicorn are almost enough to distract you from the weird feeling of controlling said unicorn. Another thing I noticed was the change of music which seemed to take away from that fun and quirky feeling the first Robot Unicorn Attack game gave.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Customize

A new addition to the sequel that was one of my personal favorites was the ability to purchase upgrades such as wings, flaming tails, and so on. With these new upgrades (which are purchased using teardrops collected in the game) you can get even higher scores. The last thing I would like to mention would be the addition of some pretty annoying and challenging golems. The golems tend to want to ruin your chances at a high score by shooting lasers at you.

Overall Adult Swim made a great sequel to Robot Unicorn Attack with only a few minor annoyances that probably wouldn’t even bother most players. I really recommend trying out Robot Unicorn Attack 2 if you are a fan of the series

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.

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