Rovio Launching Angry Birds Epic Worldwide On June 12th For Android And iOS Devices

Posted on Jun 10 2014 - 4:21pm by Sean Cravener

Angry Birds Epic Game

Rovio’s latest addition to the highly advertised Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Epic, will be released for both Android and iOS devices this Thursday worldwide. Those who have not be following along with us here at MGP (shame on you) should note that Angry Birds Epic will follow the awesome turn-based RPG genre rather than the typical bird flinging gameplay you have grown so used to.

Following most other RPGs, Angry Birds Epic will have a sweet fantasy theme added to it. Since it has a fantasy theme you can expect all sorts of swords, magic, and various other pig/bird/fantasy hybrid things.

Check back here with us at Mobile Game Place on June 12th (Thursday) for more information regarding Rovio’s fantasy themed RPG, Angry Birds Epic.

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