Rubicon Releases Great Little War Game Sequel On App Store and Play Store

Posted on Jun 10 2014 - 4:29pm by Sean Cravener

Great Little War Game 2 Download

The sequel to the cartoony turn-based strategy game, Great Little War Game, has been released for both iOS and Android devices. Great Little War Game 2 builds upon its predecessor with some really great improvements, so if your a fan of the original this should be an automatic buy.

Great Little War Game 2 will include everything you loved about the first game with awesome new features and tweaks. For example this sequel has improved the control system and will also include the ability to play in portrait mode. The graphics for Great Little War Game 2 will also have you falling in love with the game with full 3D terrain affects.

Great Little War Game 2 will also feature a 60 mission campaign, faster mission starts, replayable objectives, and of course all those other turn-based strategy goodies you love like units, buildings, and weapons.

You can get this wonderful IAP-free strategy game for only $2.99 in the Play Store and App Store now.

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