Send A Frog To Space With Namco Bandai’s New Froggy Jump 2 Mobile Game For iOS Devices

Posted on Apr 17 2014 - 4:49pm by Sean Cravener

Froggy Jump 2

The popular mobile game, Froggy Jump, released quite some time ago has finally gotten a sequel released into the App Store. For those unfamiliar with the style of Froggy Jump it is a basic platform game where you must hop from one platform to the next.

In Froggy Jump 2 you will be hopping your way out of this world and into the great unknown. This addictive game includes basic tapping and tilting controls along with various power-ups you can collect along the way.

Froggy Jump 2 will also throw various obstacles in your way because why wouldn’t you want to stop a frog attempting to go space. You will come across moving, disappearing, and spiky platforms that may lead to your frog’s downfall. You will also be able to collect various achievements, use the in-game shop to customize your frog, and participate in the daily word games.

Froggy Jump 2 can be downloaded now in the App store for free and it does include IAPs.

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