Get Creeped Out With Slender Rising 2 Now Available On iTunes App Store!

Posted on Jan 17 2014 - 7:04pm by Sean Cravener

Slender Rising 2 Game

Are you ready to spend your nights looking behind you thinking you see a strange figure stalking you? If so then head straight to the iTunes App Store and pick up your copy of Slender Rising 2. Slender Rising 2, the sequel to the hit game Slender Rising, is going to have you as paranoid as a stoner in a cop convention.

Developed by Michael Hagemann, Slender Rising 2 will now feature two game modes. The two game modes will either have you liberating the cursed souls in order to save yourself from becoming one of them or collecting signs which tells a creepy story but will also help you escape. Slender Rising 2 will also feature four creepy maps including the popular mansion map and an even creeper Ghost Town Map.

Besides the game modes and maps, Slender Rising 2 will include simple controls to help you get away from the creepy Slender Man. Along with simple controls, the game has some pretty well done graphics. So if you like being creeped out and scared then head over to the iTunes App Store and download your copy of Slender Rising 2 now!

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